To many people, logistics will always be a cost. We consider it as a cost which, combined with customer experience orientation, allows to hope for a return in the form of Customer satisfaction, establishing a unique emotional bond with the brand, increasing sales, reducing migration, positioning the product in the premium segment, changing the price strategy and increasing profitability.Read More →

Is logistics a topic that a person managing a company should deal with? Or, being one of many organizational matters and another cost item, should it remain the responsibility of your employee who deals with this area? When it comes to standard logistics services – definitely. Why then do we propose a strategic-level discussion, although, in theory, we are a logistics company? Because our clients are clear: our cooperation is one of the elements supporting the growth of their companies (sales, customer satisfaction, implementation of new products, etc.). How is it possible? We say logistics, but we have in mind the comprehensive interest of yourRead More →