Stefan Lager (‘ …)

A highly experienced manager in the area of logistics, international organizations and in particular – business development.
For 10 years he was in charge of the Fulfulment division in one of the most recognizable companies dealing with communication and mass printing in Scandinavia – Stralfors. Then, after the acquisition by PostNord AB – he managed Postnord Fulfilment with branches in 3 countries: Sweden, Norway and Poland.
Since March 2016 he has been the Managing Director of Beijer Electronics, a company that specializes in graphics solutions for the industry.
Since December 2017 he has been a Member of the Board of Bing Group, one of the leading producers of packaging in Europe.
He decided to become a member of the Supervisory Board as he had observed a huge development potential for 4Values on the Scandinavian market, in particular in regard to Clients willing to develop faster not only in Scandinavia, but also on the European market. Stefan recognizes the potential of 4Values in the flexibility of the services provided by the company and a reliable approach to working with Clients.


Mikael Emmet Johannson (‘ …)

A unique person. While establishing and developing cooperation, he can work at all organizational levels with the Client to have an excellent understanding of the current and future needs and create a solution that will be optimal in terms of business, functionality and costs. Emmet is an undisputed B2B sales master.
For 21 years he worked for Stralfors, acquiring key Clients and providing them with innovative solutions. It was him to lead to the first fulfilment contracts being delivered. During the last 6 years he managed the sales and was actively involved in cooperation with the major Customers of the company. Since May 2017, as Development Director and a Member of the Board, he has been involved with Verisec, a company that implements electronic identity within the European Union and handles payment transactions security.


Jolanta Lewicka (’68)

The woman who created from scratch the first Polish exclusive lingerie brand – Li Parie. The person behind the magnificent design of the lingerie and clothing. Jola has a unique approach to the Client and she has mastered the sales relation with an individual Client. Thanks to this working method, which she shares with other people in the company – every single woman who enters a Li Parie fitting room, even if not buying anything, will feel a different dimension of womanhood. This is exactly the perfect picture of the “customer experience”, which is so important to 4Values team.
Jola contributes to 4Values her knowledge, observations and experiences in this field.