Regarding Warehousing 4Values is covering:

  • Warehouse Management;
  • Renting warehouse space;
  • Virtual storage for sales representatives;
  • Storage, packing & customizing of nutrition supplements;
  • Storage, packing & customizing of clothes, toys, electronics;
  • Short-term warehousing;

By using 4Values’ infrastructure it is possible to lower costs and shorten time of delivery due to an excellent location of the warehousing premises and short distance from main traffic routes and handling points.

Within the scope of storage servicing we offer attractive financial conditions for short and long-term storage. Due to high and block storage system we offer optimal warehouse space utilization.
One of the key elements is the safety of stored goods. That is why we take care of it on several levels:

  1. Constant maintaining of warehousing space clean prevents accumulation of dust which may cause machinery failure or make the stored goods dirty;
  2. Insurance of stored goods against any damages which may occur in the warehouse;
  3. Complex system of motion and smoke detectors as well as internal surveillance cameras connected with an external company’s monitoring which allow to immediately react in case of any threat;
  4. 24 h security agency patrols make it impossible for any unauthorized persons to access the premises.

4Values Clients have full access to the information on the goods entrusted to us: history of receiving goods into the warehouse, goods leaving the warehouse, order status, current inventory, etc.

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